Strawberry Picking

 I was determined to pick strawberries this year (we missed last year because we were moving). Everything grows here a few months earlier then the rest of the country (we are used to picking our strawberries the beginning of June). The kids and I asked around and found Marburger Orchard, about a hour north of us. It was totally worth the trip too. The day was slightly chilly (65-70) which meant no sweating and hardly anyone was there which we always love. Unfortunately the season was coming to a end to the strawberries were slightly small but they were perfect to freeze for smoothies. LOVE!

The flowers were gorgeous. I couldn't stop myself from taking way too many pictures of just flowers.

 Jackson would have stayed there all day running up and down the rows. He was a sweaty mess by the time we finally left just from running back and forth. The two older kids were really good sports to keep racing him back and forth.


Easter Sunday

One of my favorite things about Texas so far are the wild flowers that bloom in the spring. I have never lived somewhere where they are so plentiful and beautiful. Thank you Lady Bird Johnson. A few days before Easter we had a play group up at a park a bit north of here. The flowers were amazing so I decided that we had to go back on Sunday to take pictures. In retrospect, taking pictures right at noon wasn't the best but I knew if we waited we would never come back...Sunday naps and all. The kids loved walking through the flowers and I loved the little bouquet they picked for me to take home. 

This was Andrew trying to pose like his sister...what a stinker he is.


Easter Eggs

Around here I like to do Easter festivities on Saturday so we can concentrate on the true meaning of Easter on Sunday. This year we did sand buckets and a few treats...I really hate that every holiday seems to revolve around candy candy candy. The kids also dyed their eggs. I was pretty proud of myself. I don't usually like to do eggs because of the fear of dye spilling everywhere but since Zac was gone I decided to do it anyway. The kids did really well, even Jackson. They were all really careful while using each color.

We did a small Easter Egg hunt in the back yard. After they finished the kids said I hid them too easy and they went ahead and hid them again and again then had Jackson find them. They probably did this three or four times till they got too warm. Yes, it is already warm here in Texas.