Shakespear's Visit

The Shakespears are moving this summer too so they stopped by on their way to Oregon for one last visit. We took them to our favorite free swimming hole, the Guadalupe River. Everyone had a blast and Megan and I were able to sit with the babies in the shallow water and talk and talk. We are going to miss having family close. 


Anne's Dance Recital

I just noticed that the last 5 or so blog posts have been about Anne. She has had a lot going on lately! Her last activity before the summer and before we could move was her dance recital. Her parents managed to NOT schedule a family vacation the same day at her recital this year. This year her class did a tap number. Anne was great...plenty of attitude in her for a tap number. I know I am her parent but I really do think she was the star!


Anne's 5th Grade Award Ceremony

Today Thomas and I attended Anne's 5th Grade Award Ceremony. Not to be confused with a graduation ceremony. Anne had such great friends this year and she is so sad that she will be leaving them in a month. Anne was also lucky to have really great teachers too. Her teacher Mrs. Lummus was so great. She really encouraged Anne to excel in everything. She was also so lucky to have Mrs. Raber at a music teacher/Choir teacher. She too put so much work into both the choir and music class. I could tell that she really loved teaching the kids music. We are so proud of our Anne. Can't believe she will be in Middle School next year!


Anne's Capital Field Trip

Anne was in the Honor Choir this year. They were invited to sing in the Rotunda at the State Capital in Austin. The whole choir (and their parents) worked really hard to raise the money for a bus to take them up. They sang in restaurants, sold pencils, and did bake sales and finally got enough money. Zac was able to get the day off so the little boys, Zac and I followed the bus up to Austin. It was such a cool trip. We got a great tour around the Capital building and then we watched Anne and the choir sing in the Rotunda. It was so cool. We are so glad Anne was able to have this experience.