the beach...in Erie

As you can see my kids are back where they belong. I think Andrew was in heaven yesterday with all the sand and water to play with. We spent our Memorial Day up in Erie at Lake Erie with Brigg and Hava. They fed us a yummy picnic lunch then a yummy dinner at their house after the kids played themselves out at the beach. We can't wait until the summer so we can visit Erie more often.

Do you see how happy he was? Zac and I both realized that we need to always be close to water and sand with this guy.

Yes, that is Brigg's head sticking out of the sand.

Thanks for letting us come play with you Hava and Brigg!


conversation with Anne

Because Zac wasn't able to go to Anne's spring concert today before bed Anne was singing all her songs to Zac. She sang one particularly long song about Martin Luther King Jr. After her rather long rendition she sat down on her bed and said with a sigh:
Anne: OK, I don't really know who this Martin is!
Zac and I couldn't stop laughing. Such a long song about a guy named Martin and she doesn't even know who she was singing about...

spring concerts/last day of school

I had a very full day today...first Anne had her spring concert. She sang beautifully. As always. She seemed a bit embarrassed to sing but once they started that all went away. Only a few more weeks and we can have Anne all to ourselves for the summer...we are so excited!

I then raced over to Andrew's preschool for his spring concert and last day of school. They invited all the families to come for their singing and then lunch after. I couldn't get any clear pictures of Andrew singing...he wouldn't hold still. Typical. They sang a song about a seed growing into a flower. Andrew was the sunflower.

He received a diploma for graduating from preschool and going to kindergarten next year.

Andrew loved his two teachers Mrs. Opferman and Mrs. Packer.


anne's dance recital

Anne had her first dance recital today. She was so awesome. She smiled the whole time. After she said her cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Such a performer...but we already knew that. The two top pictures are the professional pictures they took a few weeks ago. The lower ones I took today and yesterday at the rehearsal. Andrew said this when he saw Anne, "She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!" Andrew must really love Anne. He has sat through a year of lessons and 5 hours of rehearsal/performance over two days. Such dedication. He says he wants to take ballet too...I talked him into karate instead.


happy birthday Anne

Anne had wanted to wait to celebrate her birthday until we moved into our new house. So Saturday morning we moved, Saturday afternoon Anne had a rehearsal for her dance recital coming up then Saturday evening we celebrated her birthday with Megan, Jeremy, Hyrum, Hunter who came down from Michigan and Hava and Brigg who came down from Erie. Birthdays are always so much more fun when family is around. We had yummy pizza and cake and ice cream of course. Then we all went outside and the kids blew bubbles. What else can a seven year old ask for in a birthday? (Yes, Britt those are the party hats from your wedding, I have been saving them and they went perfect with our pink motif this year.)

Yes, that is our new house in the background...we love it!


about me

Andrew brought this home from school today. It is always nice to see what your kids really think of you. These answers made me smile.

happy birthday Anne

This year for Anne's birthday all she asked for was "something girly" I was stumped on what to get her but Zac thought of a wonderful gift. He bought her and I tickets to see Cinderella the ballet. She loved it! We went to the Saturday matinee and so the theatre was full of moms and little girls. It was perfect. During both intermissions Anne was over on the sides dancing and spinning. Thank you Zac for the perfect birthday gift...


8 years

Eight years ago today I married my sweetheart. Today I call him that and my best friend. I just can't believe it has been so long. We have been through so much together. We have lived on the east coast, west coast, and all the way to Hawaii. We have done medical school, residency and now are in his fellowship. Through it all I love him even more. I just thankful that my dad took that job that moved us to Washington State all those years ago...thanks dad! LOVE YOU ZAC!!!