so funny

Today at the above pictured park Andrew made us laugh again.

Andrew: "Dad...come watch me do the granola bars!"

Dad: "The what bars?"

Andrew: "The Granola bars."

And he swung from bar to bar.

This kid makes us laugh...


good day

Today was a good day because:

* We (Anne and I) got to read outside for almost an hour while the sun warmed us up.

* Andrew got to wear short sleeves and Crocs.

Can we really ask for anything more? Well, yes. Can the warm weather stay?


ice skating

This last Saturday we were lucky enough to have Grandma Sweetheart and Grandpa Howie visit from Washington and Hava and Brigg from Erie. For some reason we had yet to try out ice skating in the park so this seemed to be the perfect time to try. We all strapped on our skates and headed out on the ice. I think it was mostly a success. There was a lot of falls but once we figured out the cones they had for the kids all went much smoother. In fact my little guy who wouldn't try skating in Hawaii took to the ice like a pro. The more he fell the more fun he had. Wish I could have said the same for Anne though. She had a hard time but took it like a champ.