so funny

Today at the above pictured park Andrew made us laugh again.

Andrew: "Dad...come watch me do the granola bars!"

Dad: "The what bars?"

Andrew: "The Granola bars."

And he swung from bar to bar.

This kid makes us laugh...


L C M said...

I love the picture. It is so perfect. He is hilarious. I love the kid.

The Nielsen Family said...

Andrew totally cracks us up!! I love the look on his face. I also love the side picture of him. He is so funny.

Mary said...

What a crack up!

Although he spent some of his earliest formative years in Hawaii, he clearly is letting you know you need to come to Oregon. We have granola bars all over here.

Lynette said...

This was great. So cute. I LOVE kids words and sentences at this age. Below looks fun too. Isn't it SO fun to see our girls reading chapter books etc... It make me feel old, but like we've done at least one thing right!