Just Playing Around

I tend to only take pictures when we go "do" something or for a special event like birthdays and such. I have been trying to take pictures of everyday things. Today it was just playing around on a Sunday afternoon. So glad I did take the camera out.

Thomas 9 Months


Utah Trip - Dave's Wedding

In April we went to Utah for my brother David's wedding to a awesome girl - Tessa. Though the trip was supper short - just three days - it was fun to see all the family together. Wish we would have had more time to get to know Tessa though.

The first day we made a trip to Temple Square. I always love visiting the temple I was married in. I hope my kids also make the choice to be married there too. We visited with each other and took a ton of pictures and let the kids run all over the place. We also took the chance to visit the church history museum. They had a great kids show.

This was one of the only pictures we got as a family. With such a short trip the two little boys were a bit grumpy and Jackson didn't feel all that great. I am amazed we even caught this one at the reception. 

Anne was trilled to hold the boquet for a moment during pictures - speaking of pictures - I am sad I didn't get any of my brother and Tessa. I left the camera in the car. That is how it goes with kids running all over the place. Managed to catch a few at the end of all the other professional pictures.


Pinewood Derby

First time doing a Pinewood Derby. Andrew designed a submarine car. It turned out awesome. Unfortunately a cool looking car doesn't always transfer to a working car. Let's just say that Andrew's mom and dad learned a lot this year about what not to do next year. One of those learning experiences. Other then the actual race I think we all had a lot of fun putting this car together.


Strawberry Picking 2013

As always picking strawberries is one of my favorite family activities. I know I have been saying this a lot this year but I will say it again. This year was so much better then last year...maybe it's having Zac there but I also think having Thomas along for the first time but this time was just as fun as last year if not more fun. My kids are turning into pros at strawberry picking.