Funnies by Andrew...

Today I had a check-up at Tripler Hospital. In case you didn't know it, Tripler is pink. Yes, the whole hospital is pink. So driving down the hill to the hospital you really can't miss it. Actually you can pretty much see Tripler from anywhere on our side of the island. The kids always get a kick out of pointing out where Dad is from way over by our house. Anway, as Andrew and I were driving down the hill today he said, "Look it's the place where Daddy lives!" I just had to laugh because sometimes it does seem like Daddy lives at the hospital and visits us at home - we love all his hard work - and we all love when he "visits" us at home!



So a few weeks ago I joined the YMCA. It has been great so far. Andrew and I go every morning after we drop Anne off at school so as not to get distracted with anything else. They have a fabulous child watch center there which Andrew loves...he calls it his school. So far I have tried a few of the classes. My favorites so far are the Pilates and the Hi-Lo classes. Hi-Lo is pretty much a flash back to when I was a kid and my mom would turn on Jane Fonda and we would dance around the living room...only harder. This week I have been taking advantage of their machines up stairs. I love the bike and the treadmill - mostly I love being able to do both! Yes, I do have my own treadmill...but does it have child care? No. All the machines have TVs attached which has been nice. A friend came up behind me while I was on the treadmill and started laughing. She found it humorous that I was watching the Food Network while exercising. I call it motivation!


Dancing Queen

I had to share this video I took the other night. Anne was sitting on the couch reading when the music changed on our MP3 player (previously it had been calming music). Well you can see what happened!


Happy Labor Day!

The kids and I set out early this morning knowing that we needed to get to our favorite beach early if we wanted to get a parking spot...but alas we were too late, the spots were already filled and at 8:45am! So we turned to the next best thing...the pool.

I have to say I am missing the days when we used to just get up and go swimming at the pool or beach. Ever since Anne has been in school we have missed our spontaneity. Today we swam and swam and swam. Actually I had a hard time getting the kids to leave but I knew we had reached the time quota and our sunscreen soon would protect us no more. Love the pool - love the sun!