Anne's Capital Field Trip

Anne was in the Honor Choir this year. They were invited to sing in the Rotunda at the State Capital in Austin. The whole choir (and their parents) worked really hard to raise the money for a bus to take them up. They sang in restaurants, sold pencils, and did bake sales and finally got enough money. Zac was able to get the day off so the little boys, Zac and I followed the bus up to Austin. It was such a cool trip. We got a great tour around the Capital building and then we watched Anne and the choir sing in the Rotunda. It was so cool. We are so glad Anne was able to have this experience.


School Field Day

Anne ran in her school's field day. She wasn't quite sure how she was chosen for her event but she was pretty excited to run it. Unfortunately the day started out hot and got even hotter. It was so hot even just sitting there in the shade, I can't even imagine how the kids felt out in the sun. She did a wonderful job though and kept a smile on her face even when she didn't do her best. Love this girl.


Anne's 11th Birthday

 I know everyone says this but I felt it so strongly on this birthday. I feel as if it was just yesterday that Anne was placed in my arms for the first time...and now she is 11! We decided on just a family party this year. She and I attended a Irish Dance Performance together then we came home for cake and presents. She is such a sweet girl and I honestly don't know what I would do without her. She is such a wonderful help with her brothers and is always asking what she can do to help. I am so happy to have her as my daughter.


The Color Run

 We were thrilled to have the chance to run in the Color Run. What a fun day. Looking back it might have been good for us to train a bit more with the kids before hand but with my knee injury and it being so hot out it just didn't happen. The kids did pretty good though. Anne would run really fast ahead then walk till we all caught up. Andrew did the reverse. He would run slow and fall behind then run really fast to catch up. Zac and I took turns either slowing down or speeding up. By far both Jackson and Thomas had the best ride in the running stroller. Both did great and ate snacks the whole way. On the way home we were already planning the next time we could do a run.