I honestly never thought this kid was going to loose a tooth. But there you go...tooth numero uno. Shouldn't be too long before the one right next to it is gone too...very wiggly. Love me that smile!


Jackson and the snow

Jackson and I walk the kids down to the bus stop every day. Usually I carry Jackson so as to avoid getting wet and messy so early in the day but today Jackson had to get down and walk by himself. The snow was new and clean and of course he had to taste it. I have no idea why kids like to eat snow...it's just frozen water but whatever.

He ate...

He was cold...

He ate more.

When I said it was time to go in, he ran.

And ran.


jenja block creations

I can't remember the last time we used our Jenga blocks to play Jenga. The kids use them for everything but the game. While I was at a baby shower on Saturday Zac texted me these pictures.


Out on the ice

Over the long weekend we decided to visit Hava and Brigg up in Erie. Of course we knew that we had to go walk out on the ice while it was frozen. It always freaks me out just a little but the kids love the danger. They ran right out without a care in the world. I tried not to freak out too much. Jackson also loved the ice. He got the hugest grin on his face when Zac held his hands and slid him along the ice. So although it was REALLY cold it was a lot of fun. We will miss the Erie ice.


Mary Poppins

Anne and I have been looking forward to seeing Mary Poppins for quite a while now so by the time the actual performance came around we were so thrilled to be going. We went with my good friend Jess, her son Chase and another friend Emily who lives down the block. We were able to get there pretty early and Anne was sad that the doors to the theatre were not yet open. Instead we explored the lobby and took a few pictures. The show was fantastic and the music and dancing were so fun. I may even go as far as to say I enjoyed it almost as much as the movie if not more...although I did miss Julie Andrew's touch. Our favorite part was then end when Mary Poppins literally flew over the audience. It was so cool!

I love being able to take Anne out just her and I. We had asked Andrew if he wanted to attend and he said, "No way!" He prefers watching Star Wars at home with his dad.


National Aviary

Over Christmas break we took the kids to the National Aviary. I was ready for some really smelly birds and a lot of bird poop. Yes, there was both but it really was a fun day trip. It was pretty fun. We each got to feed a bird. We held a meal worm in our hand and the birds swooped in for the food. One landed on Zac's hand and one decided to make a temporary nest in my hair. Sorry no picture of that one.

Jackson loved all the birds. Good thing they are fast because they were in for a lot of touching.

Both the kids brought their note books to draw sketches of the birds.

My personal favorite. Isn't it majestic?

We called this one Gertrude McFuzz...anyone read that story?