John Williams Concert

Back in February we had bought tickets for a concert with John Williams conducting but they ended up canceling because Mr. Williams had hurt his back. We were so happy to find out that they rescheduled the concert for a few days before we left Pittsburgh. We had decided that because Anne and Andrew are such big fans of the movies that John Williams wrote the music for that we would take them with us. We were also lucky enough to have Hava join us for one more Pittsburgh concert.

Here we are acting out our favorite John Williams movie. I am doing ET, Zac is doing Star Wars (note the light saber), Anne is doing Harry Potter (note the wand) and Andrew is also doing Harry Potter.

We weren't supposed to take pictures during the concert but I am glad Hava broke the rule. They played music from Harry Potter, ET, Indiana Jones, Close Encounters, Memoirs of a Geisha, Schindler's List and of course Star Wars. For a few of the songs they lowered a screen and played clips of the movies while they played. It was so cool to see John Williams conduct his own music. He even took a few moments before each song to tell us a little bit about the music, he really is a funny guy. This will always be a great memory for us.


The Drive-In

One of our last fun activities in Pittsburgh was finally making it to the Drive-In. We were so grateful that we got to go with the Thomas family. Anne was just thrilled to finally find something that she could have fun at this summer with two broken arms. We intended to see Cars 2 but upon arrival found that it wouldn't be showing until 11:00pm! We watched Mr. Popper's Penguins which turned out to be a cute movie. Zac and I didn't get to watch much of the movie though because Jackson was pretty restless. When he wasn't tossing and turning in our arms he was running around the cars. The older kids loved eating popcorn and laying in the back of both vans. Just looking at these pictures makes me miss our Pittsburgh friends...

I had to post this picture because it makes me laugh...Matthew are you eating Jess's face?



As most of you know, Anne broke both of her wrists a month ago. A few people out there have asked for pictures of her casts, so here you are. Anne wouldn't give me a normal picture...sorry. She is getting pretty good these days about doing things with her left hand...she might come out of this able to use both hands. We can't wait till next week. She gets the pink one off the day before we leave for Texas. The other will be on for 2-3 more weeks after we get to Texas.

In the days right after she got her casts on Zac and I spent a lot of time with Anne writing her homework out for her while she told us the answers. Her fingers were too swollen to write. Now she is writing with her left hand.


The Incline

After three years of living in Pittsburgh we finally made it to the Incline. For such a short ride we had a lot of fun. I enjoyed learning a little bit more about Pittsburgh's history. I still say I would love to see Pittsburgh at the turn of the century. It was amazing. Anyhow...the ride was fun and a bit freaky. I had to force myself not to look down. I am going to miss Pittsburgh and it's fun and unusual things to see and do.

Anne's Baking Party

We had Anne's 9th Birthday a few weeks ago. Anne wanted to do a baking party so we made personal pizzas, dipped strawberries and rice krispies in chocolate, and decorated cupcakes. There was a baking relay game and lots of messy fingers. I had a ton of fun preparing and also had fun helping the girls at the party, but let me tell you that 10 little girls can really tire a mom out!