I took the kids sledding the other day after school (I was thrilled to get the LAST sled at Costco). They had so much fun getting half way down the hill then falling off. The one time they made it all the way down the almost went under the van...they were careful to fall off before hitting the bottom after that.


snow day

Today we woke up to this...

So Anne and Andrew did this.

While Jackson did this...

I made this for breakfast....it was a good day.

jackson's blessing day

Sunday we blessed Jackson. It was a crazy day. I awoke early to get ready for 9am church. Zac left at 6:30 for meetings. Everyone else got ready with little or no fuss at all...even Jackson woke up and ate at the perfect time. According to the schedule he should have slept right through his blessing. I say should because even the best laid plans can go wrong. About 8:20 I got a call from Zac at the church saying that because of icy roads they might be canceling church. WHAT!!! I told me no way they could cancel on us. Everything was going right on schedule. We had people in town for this. Anne was going to sing a duet and Andrew with the primary. I was so excited that Grandma and Grandpa were here to hear them sing. He said he would let me know the final decision. About 8:30 he called back and said that church was still on but to drive VERY carefully.
We got to the church and only about 20 people were there. I guess some had heard that church was cancelled and some just couldn't get there because some of the bridges were closed. It was a nice meeting though. We sang a lot of Christmas songs, had a few speakers and of course blessed Jackson. I would love to say that he was nice and quiet but because the schedule change (they didn't end up starting church until 9:30) Jackson was crying for the first part of his blessing. First Brigg tried to get the binky in his mouth to quiet him but Grandpa Pickle ended up saving the day he shoved the binky in and held it in. Jackson fell right to sleep. Thanks Grandpa! The blessing was so sweet and just perfect.

Look he smiled!

This one if for you Dan. All my kids wore this onesie under their blessing outfit. Gotta love it!



Saturday we went downtown to see the holiday sites. It was soooo cold! We tried to catch the Trolley but missed it so we walked. We tried to take the horse drawn carriage but found that we had to sign-up ahead of time. Bummer. But we did see Santa - Anne rolled her eyes and said, "Remember Mom...I don't believe in Santa any more." Andrew said, "Mom, he is NOT the real Santa...but I will sit on his lap anyway." The Santa was great. He told them they shouldn't jump on the furniture (thanks Andrew needed to hear that) and he told them to obey their mom. It was funny-anytime he jumped on the furniture or disobeyed, he quickly stopped and said "Ooh-Santa told me not to do that."

We next moved on to the 500+ ginger bread houses displayed down the street. They were amazing. The kids loved looking at all the creative houses made by local schools and organizations.

When Andrew saw this one he said, "LOOK, O-Rock Obama!"

good babysitting

When I left they were playing. I went to take a shower. When I came back this is what I found. The good news is that Jackson hasn't learned how to crawl yet. The bad news...I need to find a new babysitter.


just hanging around

I love this picture. Zac and I were just hanging out with Jackson on the couch talking when Jackson started talking back...well sort of. He was just cooing and smiling at us. I have yet to catch one of his smiles on camera but hopefully soon. It's just that whenever he smiles we are too busy smiling back. Who would want to run and grab the camera and miss that?