reading to Jackson

Anne loves her brother. She has been the most amazing helper. She sings to him, talks to him, runs and gets me anything I need for him and the other day I found her reading to him. It was the cutest thing to see her reading and the look on his face as he listened. I am so grateful for Anne every day. She has made the first few weeks of Jackson's life so much sweeter.
(Just a side note...the chair they are sitting in...Zac refinished for me. Isn't it great?)


then there were three...

Strangely enough it hasn't really hit me until now. Maybe it was the fact that my mom was here and helping out...but on the way home from the airport yesterday it hit me. I turned to Zac and said, "We have three kids." Weird. Jackson has been wonderful so far. He sleeps, eats and then sleeps some more.
Anne was sitting next to me today while I was burping Jackson. While doing that he filled his pants...loudly. Anne said, "Mom is this the routine then? Does Jackson just eat, sleep then poop?" Yup, I told her pretty much for the next little while. She replied..."Boring."
I guess Anne summed it up. Jackson eats, sleeps then poops. Not always in that order. He is such a good baby though. He fusses a little then just falls to sleep. All. By. Himself. WOW. I love it. I know someone is really watching over me with this little guy.
The kids just love Jackson. Poor Andrew was out of school three days last week and was so sweet to stay away from him. I could tell it was so hard for him because he wanted to be right there next to him all the time. He was holding him today and had a cough, he called to us and said in a sad voice, "I think I got Jackson sick, sorry." Anne has been wonderful. She holds Jackson, reads to him, and sings songs to him while I am out of the room. She has been such a good helper. Three just might be the magical number.



peaches and apples

After the Pirates game we took the kids out to Simmons to pick some peaches and MORE apples. The peaches were so yummy right off the tree. We had to control ourselves not to just eat and eat...ok just I had to control myself. The kids loved climbing the ladder to reach the peaches. Andrew even found a peach with a nose on it. Very unique.

They had a small petting area the kids also loved.