the cutting of our tree

For the past 8 years Zac and I have used a fake tree. This year we decided to get a real tree. We headed out to Hozak Farm to cut our own tree down. It was freezing. We took the tractor out to the trees and picked out our perfect tree. The kids had a blast weaving in and out of the trees and Jackson just cuddled into Hava and I for warmth. We had a blast.

my things...

I sure love these kids!


thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving here in the Turner household. Brigg and Hava came down for the weekend which is always wonderful. We cooked tons of food. Ate tons of food and enjoyed each other's company. Some of us didn't even get dressed all day long...

Hava, Anne and baby Minimus.
Jackson had a really bad cold but was still his happy self.

Hava will hate me for posting these pictures but this is what she did so much of the weekend. Her back was hurting her so she would lay down...then fall asleep. I was mostly just jealous of all the mini naps she had.

The kids loved Hava's socks. Goldy Locks and the Three Bears.


playing in the leaves

One of our favorite things about Pittsburgh in the fall is the huge amount of leaves that are dumped. A friend called us and told us about a huge one so of course we had to check it out. Anne and Andrew were out of the car and in the pile before I even turned the car off. Jackson was a bit more hesitant. He was fine being in the pile as long as he wasn't touching the leaves with his hands. The kids dug tunnels, threw leaves and tackled each other. It was so nice to have one really fun day outside before the cold weather hits us.

Like I said...HUGE pile of leaves.
I LOVE living in Highland Park. Being so close to such a beautiful park has been so wonderful for us.


halloween 2010

Halloween around here was a simple affair this year. We had just gotten back from Disney World and Zac and I were very tired. The kids wanted to dress up just one more time in their costumes (they had worn them previously at a Halloween party at a friend's house and at the Disney World Halloween Party). Sorry everyone, no theme this year. Maybe next year. There is already talk around here of a Star Wars theme.


Thanksgiving Daily

My friend Hailey gave the most beautiful lesson in Relief Society a few Sundays ago about gratitude. It really touched me. As a family we have started a gratitude journal. Each day we each write down one thing we are grateful for that day. Hopefully this tradition will help us to remember what we have been given not just this month of November but every day of the year.