the cutting of our tree

For the past 8 years Zac and I have used a fake tree. This year we decided to get a real tree. We headed out to Hozak Farm to cut our own tree down. It was freezing. We took the tractor out to the trees and picked out our perfect tree. The kids had a blast weaving in and out of the trees and Jackson just cuddled into Hava and I for warmth. We had a blast.


Scott & Marcie said...

It's a FUN tradition, even if you go back to your 'fake' tree and cut down a little one for another room. We still laugh about some of our trees, but remember the fun of cutting one down as a favorite Christmas tradition. Love the pictures!!

Havalah said...

SO I love that we totally have the same jacket and hair color;I mean we could totally pass as sisters...Oh wait ;). That one picture of me with Andrew could totally be you (so I thought it was when I first looked at it.