playing in the leaves

One of our favorite things about Pittsburgh in the fall is the huge amount of leaves that are dumped. A friend called us and told us about a huge one so of course we had to check it out. Anne and Andrew were out of the car and in the pile before I even turned the car off. Jackson was a bit more hesitant. He was fine being in the pile as long as he wasn't touching the leaves with his hands. The kids dug tunnels, threw leaves and tackled each other. It was so nice to have one really fun day outside before the cold weather hits us.

Like I said...HUGE pile of leaves.
I LOVE living in Highland Park. Being so close to such a beautiful park has been so wonderful for us.


Scott & Marcie said...

Wow! that is a big pile of leaves!! I've never dug a tunnel in a pile of leaves before, but you sure could in THAT pile. Darling pictures of 3 darling kids:)

Sara said...

LOVE all the big piles of leaves. They clean up the leaves here so fast that there is not much time to play in them. That park looks amazing!

Claudia said...

Hey! So glad to catch up with you again through your blog! I'm sure you get this a lot - but your kids are SO ADORABLE!!!

Thanks for the beautiful Christmas Card!