the BIG day

What a beautiful day is was. Everything was so perfect. We all awoke early to get ready. Zac went down to the church to fill the font. Grandpa Howie took Andrew down to the park for a baseball game. Jackson took a really good nap and the rest of us got ourselves ready. I wish I could say I was running around doing useful things but do to an unfortunate incident with the front porch stairs I was ordered to sit on the couch all morning with my foot up. So hard to do on such a important day. We all drove to the church and arrived with just the right amount of time to take pictures and prepare. The whole program was so perfect. Grandma Darlin gave a talk on Baptism then Anne was Baptised. I love that she was able to wear the dress I wore when I was baptised. It brought back such sweet memories for me. After Anne quickly dressed she and I sang "The Baptism Song" then Grandma Sweetheart spoke on the Holy Ghost. Anne then received the Holy Ghost and made sure to give everyone in the circle a hug. She was so happy and sweet to everyone and we are so glad she made the choice to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I can already tell that she is trying to make good choices.


another first

Little Man's first time riding in the stroller. He had a hard time sitting up the entire time but I think he enjoyed himself. I loved having my little guy right there instead of in his baby seat.


the white dress

I knew that Anne's baptism day would be so busy and crazy so I took her to the park the Saturday before and took a few pictures. I realized two things. One: I am not a good photographer. Just because one has a good camera doesn't mean good pictures. But I am learning...slowly. Two: My little girl is growing up way too fast. Look how big she looks! She is such a good girl. So helpful and sweet. I can't believe I have been lucky enough to be her mom.
I would be ungrateful if I didn't thank my wonderful friend Lisa for helping me in my first attempt at making a dress. She was so patient with my slowness even when I insisted on not following her directions...thanks Lisa!

Anne insisted on some silly pictures...these crack me up.


Anne - 8

This not so little girl just turned 8. I can't believe it! It seems like just a little while ago we had her 1st birthday. And here she is 8 and making such good choices. For her birthday we celebrated with spaghetti and meatballs - Anne's choice. Then we sent her on a treasure hunt for each of her presents. That was fun. She was so gracious and thankful for each present (even the new underwear). Of course there was cake and ice cream. I think the highlight of the day was the mystery gift that was left by the front door early that morning. She was thrilled to find leis (she is wearing them all in the above picture) and the makings for a lot of balloon fun. We suspect our wonderful neighbor but I guess we will never know. We love our Anne!



The above picture isn't for the faint. Three weeks ago Andrew fell off the monkey bars at the park. The second I got to him I knew his arm wasn't right. We went right to the Children's Hospital. They confirmed my fears. Andrew broke two bones clean through. He was so brave through it all. Especially after they gave him the drugs and turned on the cartoon network. The kid was in heaven (sort of). It was so hard for me to stay in the hospital with him and see him so sad but I remembered back to when I broke the same bone and how my mom stayed at my side the entire time so I stuck it out. The picture above is of the brake and below is after they put his cast on. He was so out of it...we had such a hard time waking Andrew up. Plus it was WAY past his bed time too. Poor guy. He has gotten really good at doing most things one handed. You should see him swing a bat one handed at T-ball. Only 3 more weeks to go!

Andrew in his "Iron Man" cast.

His fingers were so swollen.

His cool arm pillow.


My New Life

I have been reading Stephanie's blog for a while now. Her story has helped me in so many ways. Her faith and strength amidst so much trial has really lifted my days. Enjoy her story and faith.