Last Saturday we took a trip up to Kirtland, OH. We had a lot of fun and learned so much about church history. I loved being there because I had read so many times about things that happened here but to actually see it really brought it to life for me.
Newel K. Whitney's store. Joseph and Emma lived here for a while. Emma had her first very own kitchen here. The Word of Wisdom was also revealed here and the School of the Prophets took place here. So amazing.

This was Newel K. Whitney's home right across from the store. I loved this home right away because of the color. Didn't Anne Whitney have great taste? Come to find out that yellow paint while bright and beautiful was the most expensive paint in those days. The Whitney's were quite well to do. They used so much of their own money to fund the early endeavors of the church.

The Kirtland Temple. It was amazing to see. We were sad though to see it in such disrepair. Not horrible but not as it should be.


pirates game

For his birthday Zac wanted to go to a Pirates game. We lucked out, it was "free hat" night too. The "G" stand for The Homestead Greys - it was the old Negro Team back in the day. We got to the game then realized my camera's battery was dead - thank goodness for my awesome camera phone. We ate 1 dollar hot dogs, peanuts, sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and cheered very loudly for the Pirates. They won too! What a good night. The only sadness came when we had to leave after the 7th inning stretch, after all Zac still has to work tomorrow. We love baseball!


strawberry picking

Friday we went strawberry picking. The weather looked like it wasn't going to cooperate - looked like rain - but when we got out to the strawberry fields the sun started poking out of the clouds. It was a perfect day, not to hot not too cold. We picked two flats...although that doesn't include all the strawberries Andrew ate while the rest of us were picking.

From this many strawberries we got....

...this much freezer jam and two gallon sized bags filled with whole frozen berries for later use. Plus we had strawberry shortcakes for Father's Day. So yummy. I love strawberries.



The other day on our way home Anne said, "I want a Easy Bake Oven." When I asked why she said it was because she wanted to learn how to bake. I told her why buy a easy bake oven when you have a big one right in the kitchen right? So the other day when it was rain instead of sun I decided it was time to start learning. She wanted to start out with cupcakes...she did the whole thing herself. She said more than once, "I will be such a good mom because I will make cupcakes for my kids." She cracks me up.

I think this was her favorite part.

Andrew helped with the sprinkles.

Aren't they beautiful?


splash park

Yesterday we met with some friends at the new splash park. What a great place. Water. Water. Water. The kids loved it. Plus there was shade for me to sit under. We will be going back here a lot this summer.


playing in the creek

This last weekend we made our first trip up to Ann Arbor to visit our Shakespear cousins. We had been planning on visiting a splash park but the sun didn't come out for that. Instead we decided a picnic at the park would be just as fun. Lucky for my kids there was a creek at the park. Andrew was actually in the water within 2 minutes of getting out of the car. Anne shortly after we ate. As we got in the car to drive away both kids realized that they never actually played on the playground...maybe next time.

I love love love this picture of my cute nephew Hunter. He found this mud puddle and went at it.

Linden fun fair

On one of the last few days before school let out Anne's school had a fun fair. I was so shocked when both the kids wanted to try the rock wall. They both did great until they looked down and saw how far up they actually were. Who also knew that Andrew had such a great throwing arm. He knocked all three milk containers down on his first throw.


Sneak Peek-First Photos

We had an ultrasound this last week and saw some of the first pictures of the new arrival.
It's a boy!

Here's his profile, with either his knee or foot up by his face-no wonder he's been kicking like crazy-there's no room in there.


IT'S A.....

Looks like I will be getting this bucket out soon. We are very excited to be having another BOY. I asked Andrew what we should name him and he mention the name Optimus Prime...hummm, someone has Transformers on the brain. I think we will go for something a little more traditional.


my new swing...

As soon as I walked up onto the porch of our new house I just knew it needed a porch swing. I told Zac I wanted one for my birthday but on Saturday he insisted that I needed the swing before July. So off to Lowes we went and we picked ou this beauty. Zac put it together for me and I love it! Zac you are wonderful!