1st Day of School - 3rd and 5th Grade

Can't believe the summer has gone by already. Went too fast. I hate that. It was a good summer though. Lots of swimming and then there is the new baby. Yup a good summer.

Anne - 5th Grade

Andrew - 3rd Grade

Jackson was so excited for his brother and sister. I was not happy that Jackson was up at 6:00am. That is what happen when Andrew and Jackson share a room though. 

Do you see how dark it is when the kids get on the bus?! 

 He was excited till they left. 


Four kids and a bedroom

This is where Thomas and I sit...a lot. We bought this lazy boy chair right before Thomas was born. It was supposed to be for Zac's birthday and while he does enjoy a good nap in it on Sundays, mostly Thomas and I sit in it a lot...like every three hours or so. I love it. Thanks Zac for getting something cool for your birthday.

These days Netflix is my best friend especially at 3 and 4 in the morning.

I love when this guy yawns. It cracks me up.

This is the bed where Thomas sleeps right now. Right next to me. My dad made it when Anne was born but Thomas is the first baby to really like it and use it the longest. Thanks Dad. 

Look at all those toes...all mine.

Look at that. I have four kids.


The Power of Anne

Do you see the power she has over him. She holds him in this special way and he is out. She will hold him till her back starts hurting...she is a great big sister.


Jackson's 2nd Hair Cut

I haven't cut Jackson's hair since he was about 10 months old. That was a horrible experience. He screamed bloody murder the whole time. So I was happy that as his hair grew out it had a ton of curl to it. That being said I love love love Jackson's curls. It actually hurt me to think about cutting his hair but I just had to do it...someone told me in the store that my daughter had beautiful curls. Dang. I wasn't sure who to trust with his curls so I YouTubed a ton of cutting curls videos and decided to just do it. I was so scared I would ruin his hair but I think it turned out just fine. We sat him on the counter and turned Netflix on on the Ipad and he sat so still. I already miss those long curls.

Not a huge difference but I didn't want to totally cut off his curls...I am not ready for that.

More sleeping

From all the sleep going on around here you would think that Zac was the one getting up during the night to feed this hungry little guy...love love love pictures of my boys sleeping.


Thomas - Week 1

Lots of this going on this week...this boy loves to sleep. I am not minding this all too much. I can use some of that myself.

Jackson is totally loving his little brother and always wants to hold him. We have to sit right next to him though because as much as he wants to hold him he also looses interest in holding him just as fast.

Anne and Andrew are amazing with Thomas, especially Anne. She has a special power that just calms him right down. Love having these two helpers around.