Wright Brother's Memorial

We couldn't visit the Outer Banks without visiting Kitty Hawk, the location of the Wright Brother's Memorial. We started out in the museum but quickly made our way outside to make the short hike up to the memorial. I have to admit...I was tempted to name the baby in my stomach Wilbur after our visit but was vetoed by Zac...oh well. I was just so impressed with the dedication these two had in developing the first airplane then completing the first flight. Amazing.


Currituck Beach Lighthouse

One of the cooler days we drove up the coast to Currituck to check out the lighthouse. I was pretty excited until I saw the stairs going all the way up. They were like something out of my nightmares. If you looked down while walking up you could see all the way down...and it was a long ways down. Walking up I had to keep my eyes on Zac's backside so I didn't start freaking out. On the way down...well I would just rather not talk about the way down.  

Zac thought it was so hilarious how scared I was once we got to the top. I refused to step away from the inside wall and he thought it was so funny. I did not. I do not like heights. 

After the lighthouse we found a short nature walk down to the water. 

This building reminded me of the White Sands Hotel in Anne of Green Gables. Of course the hotel in the movie was white but you get the idea...


The Beach - Duck, NC

For the next week we played on and off at the beach. It was great. We ate breakfast then went out and played at the beach. Walked a few feet back to the house and ate lunch then we all hung out at the house or took turns going on walks down the beach while Jackson had a nap in the afternoon. Then after he woke up we would all go back down to the beach till dinner time. It was heaven. The kids dug multiple HUGE holes in the sand determined that this would be the hole that would survive high tide. They never did though. So the next day they would be determined to dig yet another HUGE hole...what a life right?

Pretty much the only picture of me on the beach...my feet. 

We all loved standing in the sand as the water came in and out to see just how far we could sink into the sand. 

The biggest of our holes...you can just see the kid's heads sticking out. They were so sure this was the hole that would make it through the night.  

Most days the beach was pretty calm but there were a few days that were chilly for us...about 65-70 degrees and pretty windy. We loved those days because nobody else was down on the beach.

My favorite picture. 


The Duck House

My one requirement for our vacation was a house on a beach. We have always wanted to visit the Outer Banks in North Carolina so on Saturday we drove down to Duck, NC. Once we got there the kids ran all over exploring the house. They were all thrilled to have not only their own rooms but their own TVs in the rooms...something unheard of in our house. I was thrilled with the location. Just a few steps and we were down on the beach. Perfect.

The top deck.

The master bedroom...I will have a view like that from my own home someday. I could really get used to going to sleep to the sound of waves.

The view from the master bedroom deck...loved it.

The lower deck...I know...their are crazy amounts of decks in this house. It was fun to decide where we should eat everyday.

The shower...it had warm water so the kids would spend a lot of time under it.