The Duck House

My one requirement for our vacation was a house on a beach. We have always wanted to visit the Outer Banks in North Carolina so on Saturday we drove down to Duck, NC. Once we got there the kids ran all over exploring the house. They were all thrilled to have not only their own rooms but their own TVs in the rooms...something unheard of in our house. I was thrilled with the location. Just a few steps and we were down on the beach. Perfect.

The top deck.

The master bedroom...I will have a view like that from my own home someday. I could really get used to going to sleep to the sound of waves.

The view from the master bedroom deck...loved it.

The lower deck...I know...their are crazy amounts of decks in this house. It was fun to decide where we should eat everyday.

The shower...it had warm water so the kids would spend a lot of time under it.

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