After Zac got home and after the kids were finished with school we took a much needed family vacation. We flew into Richmond, VA and our first stop was Busch Gardens...didn't take my camera in so sadly no pictures. The last time we had been there was Anne was just little. This time since I was prego Zac had to take Anne on all the crazy rides. He did pretty good...not too much sickness. 

Our next stop was Colonial Williamsburg. When we had last been here it was pouring rain so we ended up not going in at all. This time the weather was with us...it was actually really hot but we had so much fun exploring the different houses, buildings and the farms. 

 All the building in Williamsburg are built like they were back in the day and they were in the process of cutting the beams for some new buildings. They let the kids help cut. 

Anne loved this numbers game. I could have stayed here longer...they had fans.

Part of the really amazing gardens at the Governor's Mansion. 

This might have been our favorite part about Williamsburg. After we came out of the Tavern after lunch there was a man playing random instruments right there. We probably stood there for a good 45 minutes listening. The kids loved it especially Jackson.

Anne loved these jail cells. At one time they held Black Beard's and his crew and Anne had just read a book about Black Beard so she was strangely fascinated with these cells and even had us shut her in just to see what it was like.

After a visit to the jail Andrew started feeling really sick and it started raining so we headed back to the hotel. Someday I will go back when I am not pregnant and when it is not so hot. 


Scott & Marcie said...

Fun pictures, so sorry that Andrew wasn't feeling well. We love to "visit" history after reading about it:)

Daniel B. said...

Pretty much the best "theme park" ever. Did you see anyone being burned in effigy?