Wright Brother's Memorial

We couldn't visit the Outer Banks without visiting Kitty Hawk, the location of the Wright Brother's Memorial. We started out in the museum but quickly made our way outside to make the short hike up to the memorial. I have to admit...I was tempted to name the baby in my stomach Wilbur after our visit but was vetoed by Zac...oh well. I was just so impressed with the dedication these two had in developing the first airplane then completing the first flight. Amazing.


Scott & Marcie said...

Love to "see" history, mostly loved the photos of the kids with the statues, too cute:)

Jeanette said...

Now you just need to visit the wilbur wright museum about 20 min from us so we can see you. He was born here. Your kids are growing up sooo much!! You have such a beautiful family! We miss you!