The Beach - Duck, NC

For the next week we played on and off at the beach. It was great. We ate breakfast then went out and played at the beach. Walked a few feet back to the house and ate lunch then we all hung out at the house or took turns going on walks down the beach while Jackson had a nap in the afternoon. Then after he woke up we would all go back down to the beach till dinner time. It was heaven. The kids dug multiple HUGE holes in the sand determined that this would be the hole that would survive high tide. They never did though. So the next day they would be determined to dig yet another HUGE hole...what a life right?

Pretty much the only picture of me on the beach...my feet. 

We all loved standing in the sand as the water came in and out to see just how far we could sink into the sand. 

The biggest of our holes...you can just see the kid's heads sticking out. They were so sure this was the hole that would make it through the night.  

Most days the beach was pretty calm but there were a few days that were chilly for us...about 65-70 degrees and pretty windy. We loved those days because nobody else was down on the beach.

My favorite picture. 


Kim said...

This looks like a wonderful place for a relaxing family vacation! And your pictures are beautiful. Did you use an online resource to find such a wonderful place?

Scott & Marcie said...

Oh, my! We can see why you LOVED this trip. Great pictures (even the one of your feet). Loved the jumping pictures and the holes - the positive attitude of kids. We miss you guys:)

Megan and Jeremy said...

I love that last picture too!