so Anne...

I had a funny conversation with Anne on the walk home from the bus stop this afternoon. It went something like this:

Me: So Anne aren't your legs cold? (She has been rolling her pants up one huge roll for the past week or so and her legs are sort of exposed above the sock)

Anne: No, not really.

Me: OK, so what is with the roll in your pants? Do you like it that way or are your jeans too long?

Anne: No, not too long. The roll just makes me CUTE!

Man oh man is my little girl growing up. I didn't even know she thought about things like that. But she is right. Her pants are cute...


king of the room

Introducing the new king of the living room. Jackson can now hold up his head well enough to sit in his little bumbo chair. We aren't really sure if he likes sitting up yet but he does like the benefits. Much easier to get to get his hand into his mouth, something he is a big fan of. We are thinking we might have a thumb sucker on our hands.


christmas day

Our Christmas started very, very early in the morning. I think it was about 3:00 AM. I woke to Anne standing next to my bed saying her tummy hurt. A few minutes later she ran for the bathroom. Not a great start to the day. Anne lay in bed a while later and said, "Christmas is ruined..." It wasn't ruined, just a little slower then it would have been. You wouldn't know that Anne was sick from the look on her face in the picture above but I think that face took every ounce of her energy. Moments later she was sleeping on the couch.
Andrew on the other hand ripped through his presents in lightning speed and loved every minute. His sick day didn't come until the next Monday. I was sick the day after Christmas and Zac the day after that. What a way to spend the Christmas Holiday eh? We just felt blessed that our little Jackson didn't catch what the rest of us had.

Jackson enjoying all the brightly colored paper.

Poor Anne...


jackson and I

I noticed that I didn't have ANY pictures of Jackson and I and since I don't think Zac will take an of us any time soon I took a few of us today. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself with a SLR camera? But there you go...a picture of Jackson and I.

I so enjoy spending time with this little guy. He already has the cutest personality. I love just sitting with him and making him smile. Today I almost got him giggling. It was so cute. He was trying so hard to laugh but just couldn't get it out. I think that laugh will come any day now.


christmas eve

When I was a kid my mom used to make us jammies for Christmas Eve. This is the first year I felt brave enough to sew some pants for the kids. Who knew that patterns can run so big. These should fit the kids next year too!

I loved the note that Anne and Andrew wrote to Santa. I had to scramble when I saw what Andrew wanted for Christmas. Lucky I had a extra snow globe that looked just like the one he wanted...funny how that happened. He has been eyeing my snow globe all month. I was only too happy to give it to him to enjoy. I also thought it was so cute that they asked Santa what he wanted. He asked for obedient children. Hope he gets it.

Yes, Zac was a ton of help getting the presents all ready.


12 weeks old

He doesn't like it very much but he is getting better and better at holding his head up while on his belly. After a few minutes he gives up, puts his head down and sucks on his hand. I would say that is a good reward, wouldn't you?
By the way...his new favorite song is "You Are My Sunshine" Wish I could get a picture of the smile that lights up his face when we sing it to him...Andrew's nickname for Jackson is Sunshine.


snowmen at night

We had more snow yesterday. Zac was off so he and the kids finally built a snowman. The kids were so thrilled. The named it "Frosty the Snowman" Original huh? Both kids were sad we didn't have any pickles for the nose. If you want to know why we use pickles for the nose on our snowmen, go check out he book "What Snowmen Do at Night" It's one of our favorites around here.

We are convinced that our snowman had a great New Year's Eve party to attend last night...why else would he be so worn out this morning?