back to school

The kids are back at it. This year at a new school. We decided after a few bad years in public school to try Sacred Heart Elementary School. From what we have seen so far we really love it. Both kids really like their teachers and all the parents have been so welcoming and friendly. We are looking forward to a great year.
A few funnies from the 1st day:

The kids were outside on the front porch waiting to leave for school...the next door neighbor boy stuck his head out the window to say hi. Andrew responded, "Hey, do you know why I am dressed so hansom?"

After school Anne said, "I wish every day was like the 1st day of school. It was so much fun getting all organized." That's my girl!

Here is a bit about Anne's 1st day in 3rd grade in her words:

First I went in and organized my desk. Then I sorted my class materials. After that we practiced writing on the touch screen, it was really hard. After that we worked on a paper tee-shirt. Then a little bit of work, then we went to lunch. After I hurried out to recess on the STREET! When the bell rang (a real bell) we went back in side to our classrooms and started working. After working we went upstairs to the Spanish room and learned some Spanish. We went back downstairs and got our things from our lockers and went back in our classroom. First the walkers left then the car riders then finally the kids that ride the bus left. I was on the bus #1. My best friend Eva was on my bus. Then I went home. (THE END)
Here is a bit about Andrew's 1st day of 1st Grade in his words:

First I went to a bathroom brake. Then I did some work in my green journal about Mrs. Linnelli. She was on the swim team. Then i learned about 1/2 things and the whole things. Then I went up to the board and we drew a thing that we did over the summer. I drew swimming at the pool. Then we went to art. I drew paper school buses. I drew a Halloween bus. Then I went to lunch. Then recess outside. I played dodge ball. Anne was at recess too! After recess we got our stuff out of our locker and put it on our desk. Then I went to gym and we played a game. Then I went back to the class got my stuff and came home.
I loved this lamp outside the Rectory.


Dad Life

I dedicate this video to my sweet husband who is oh so amazing.


jackson - 10 months

Holy cow Jackson is 10 months. It has taken me a few days to realize that yet another month has passed us by. Here are a few new things about our little man:
* He prefers to stand and does so on just about everything whether it is stable or not.
* He will not be contained. Fences just don't do the trick. He will crawl all the way around from the living room to the kitchen to get what he wants.
* He loves the pool. He and I play in the baby pool while Anne and Andrew are in the big pool. He prefers standing by the edge and splashing.
* We discovered this month while watching a old movie of Anne at the same age that Jackson and Anne are twins seven years apart. Jackson looks exactly like Anne did. It is kind of freaky.
* Also like Anne...Jackson does not like to be held unless we can get him so something he wants.
* He loves playing chase with Andrew. They will crawl after each other all day. Andrew has the scars on his knees to show it.
* As you can see from the picture below Jackson loves loves loves climbing the stairs. Luckily we have three sets so he can keep going up and up. He hasn't figured out how to get down yet...bummer.
* He loves the swing at the park. But just for a few minutes.
* He loves knocking down any creation Anne and Andrew have built. They are both learning to build up higher.
*He is taking 2 wonderful naps each day and goes to bed about 7:30 or 8:00.
* Because of these 2 wonderful naps he is still the happiest of babies and makes us smile all day long.


peach picking

We took our annual peach picking trip this last Saturday. As always Simmons farm was great. It was a beautiful day too, not to hot, which was unusual for August. We were excited to use our new baby carrier again too. Jackson loves it...even when his parents put him in backwards. Oh well, he liked it that way too. The kids picked like crazy. We only meant to pick one peck but Anne and Andrew went a bit crazy so we came home with two instead. Can't wait to put some into some yummy peach desserts.


lake erie love

We took a day trip to Erie for Hava's Birthday. Although this wasn't Jackson's first trip to the lake it was the first time he got to really dig his hand right into the sand and enjoy himself. This time he had so much fun picking up sand then eating it. There was nothing we could do to stop it either...he was having way to much fun.

He had just fallen off the chair and face planted into the sand...not that he minded...after all he loves the sand in his face.

Did we mention that there was a sea creature in the lake?

legos legos legos

So Andrew got a Star Wars lego set for his birthday...which reminded Zac of how much he missed the legos he had when he was a kid. Enter the most awesome Grandma Darlin. She had been keeping the legos all these years so when she heard how much Andrew was enjoying his set she sent all of Zac's old legos. They came in two different shipments. First came all the people and animals. Then the sets...don't have any pictures of those, Zac and the kids are still working on putting those together. Anyway, let's just say a ton of fun is happening around here and let it be known that the air hockey table is officially taken over by legos.

Andrew and I put the Star Wars ship together. It was pretty fun.

This little guy didn't want to be left out...so we gave him the little guy legos. He loves them too. Doesn't he look like Zac in this picture?


swim lessons

So this is where we have been hanging out for the past four weeks. The kids have both improved so much this year. Anne is swimming faster all the time and now that Andrew can reach the the bottom of the deep pool he has gained enough confidence to really take off. He was shocked to find the other day that he had swam half way across the pool. He was thrilled that this year his teachers let them swim out to the DEEP end of the pool (with the assistance of his kickboard).