legos legos legos

So Andrew got a Star Wars lego set for his birthday...which reminded Zac of how much he missed the legos he had when he was a kid. Enter the most awesome Grandma Darlin. She had been keeping the legos all these years so when she heard how much Andrew was enjoying his set she sent all of Zac's old legos. They came in two different shipments. First came all the people and animals. Then the sets...don't have any pictures of those, Zac and the kids are still working on putting those together. Anyway, let's just say a ton of fun is happening around here and let it be known that the air hockey table is officially taken over by legos.

Andrew and I put the Star Wars ship together. It was pretty fun.

This little guy didn't want to be left out...so we gave him the little guy legos. He loves them too. Doesn't he look like Zac in this picture?


BBB said...

Abby and I want to come play!

Scott & Marcie said...

Legos are great toys, problem solving, small muscle coordination, etc, etc, Zac can probably name others. So glad they can be used again!! BT, we'll get you some too.

Scott & Marcie said...

Jackson really does look like his Daddy, but I see Mom there too!

Daniel B. said...