lake erie love

We took a day trip to Erie for Hava's Birthday. Although this wasn't Jackson's first trip to the lake it was the first time he got to really dig his hand right into the sand and enjoy himself. This time he had so much fun picking up sand then eating it. There was nothing we could do to stop it either...he was having way to much fun.

He had just fallen off the chair and face planted into the sand...not that he minded...after all he loves the sand in his face.

Did we mention that there was a sea creature in the lake?


L C M said...

Your kids are so gorgeous. Look at Jackson, oh my... he is getting big. I wish I was there to look at his cute chubbs.

Amanda and Paul said...

such cute pictures!..and it helps that you have such cute kids. i really need to go there!

Scott & Marcie said...

Such little fish!! Andrew, LOOOOOVE your new hair do. Where do I find that color?

Daniel B. said...

The kid is huge. What do you feed him? Fertalizer?