the zoo

Saturday it warmed up to a hot 40 degrees so the kids and I went off to the zoo. Although it was cold we so enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. I think we have all been cooped up a bit too much the last few months.

When looking through the lens to take this picture I realized just how much my little guy misses the water. He sat in front of the penguins for a good 15 minutes humming to himself (he tends to hum to himself when he is really happy or playing).

We really enjoyed the new shark encounter. They had this huge tube one can walk through and there are sharks swimming all around. Very cool. Here Anne is trying to feed our snack to one of the sharks.

the germ

Andrew is learning about the body in school. He is loving it. The other day he got to make his own germ. Above is Andrew's "throw-up" germ. Do you think it really looks something like this?



I don't really remember which spell was being cast on me but there were spells flying. Don't you just love the intense look in his eyes?



Did I mention that we have a ballerina in the house? Oops. I haven't until the other day had any pictures of Anne's ballet because her teacher is a bit strict about cameras in the classroom. I know, I know still rules. We finally made the time for a few pictures before class today.
Anne has always been such a gifted dancer. Everyone has always told me that she has such great rhythm so it was natural for her to want to take dance lessons. She is loving it. She has ballet, tap, and folk dance. I am thinking she loves them all but especially loves the tap - I think it is because the shoes. What kid wouldn't love to do something so loud?


how long will it last?

We hit Costco yesturday and we hit it hard. The plan was to boost our food storage. Boost it we did. We bought items that we eat all the time so we can just rotate food through so nothing goes bad. We still need to get over to the Family Cannery in Cleavland to get the much needed canned turkey, yummy hot chocolate and potato pearls (you know the potato pearls right Sara?). The question now is how long it will take me to get this all up to the 3rd floor. I told Zac I would do it...good exercise and all. Is there anything you all do to keep your food storage updated?



This last week Zac's Grandpa Turner passed away. He will be greatly missed. So we all flew to Utah last minute to be there for the funeral. Lucky for us we got to see some of our Burton family while there. We dropped by Dan and Britt's house on the way from the airport and lucky us Sierra was down from BYU Idaho and David took a moment from non-stop dating to come and see us. Our only regret was that we could only spend a few hour with them. The kids loved meeting their first "girl" cousin Abby. They both enjoyed making her laugh. We were right...she is even cuter in person.
Our cute Abby...don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?


Family Home Evening

We had a wonderful Family Home Evening (a night set aside each week to teach a church lesson to our kids) last night. We read the story of Nephi getting the tools ready to build the boat then the kids got to draw a picture of it on our white board. Of course this was their favorite part.

Of course what would a Family Home Evening be without the treat. These Surprise Cookies were especially yummy and hit the spot.