the zoo

Saturday it warmed up to a hot 40 degrees so the kids and I went off to the zoo. Although it was cold we so enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. I think we have all been cooped up a bit too much the last few months.

When looking through the lens to take this picture I realized just how much my little guy misses the water. He sat in front of the penguins for a good 15 minutes humming to himself (he tends to hum to himself when he is really happy or playing).

We really enjoyed the new shark encounter. They had this huge tube one can walk through and there are sharks swimming all around. Very cool. Here Anne is trying to feed our snack to one of the sharks.


Darlin and Pa said...

Looks like a fun zoo, I've never seen a big lion like that, whenever I've been to the zoo, the big cats are always hiding. That's cool. Summer will be fun when Andrew can get out in the water again.

joshandhayley said...

Your photos always make me want a new, nice camera. You are an awesome photographer!

P.S. I plan on getting a zoo pass for Brinkley and me to go to the zoo this summer. We should go!!!

Lynette said...

I LOVE the zoo. Great pictures. This will sound odd, but it's great to see you guys with hats and coats on again. Heehee. Have a great night.

Mary said...

The picture of Andrew and your comments . . . makes me want to just hug that sweet kid.

And I'm with the other comments . . . better start a photography business because you got talent girl!