how long will it last?

We hit Costco yesturday and we hit it hard. The plan was to boost our food storage. Boost it we did. We bought items that we eat all the time so we can just rotate food through so nothing goes bad. We still need to get over to the Family Cannery in Cleavland to get the much needed canned turkey, yummy hot chocolate and potato pearls (you know the potato pearls right Sara?). The question now is how long it will take me to get this all up to the 3rd floor. I told Zac I would do it...good exercise and all. Is there anything you all do to keep your food storage updated?


Anjuli Fry said...

Good for you!!! Dad is going to put me on their account. I am so excited!!! I think I am going to start with the applesauce and pudding cups and macaroni. But I will have to hide them from the boys.

Darlin and Pa said...

Just date it REALLY big with a marker and rotate it! Good for you!

Darci Wilson said...

Gotta love Costco!!