Thomas meets his siblings

The kids took to Thomas right away especially Jackson...couldn't keep his hands off him. I think Thomas will fit very nicely into our now not so little family.

Best picture we could get of all four kids...not sure what Jackson is doing and Anne just had to give Thomas another kiss...love it!

Thomas's Birth Day

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Doctor/Friend who was able to fit me in to be induced the Saturday after Andrew's baptism. This time didn't go as fast as I would have liked or as easy but all still went well. Thomas Zachary Turner joined us at exactly 5:00pm after only 3 minutes of pushing. We are so happy to have this little guy part of our lives. 

Zac trying to get Thomas calmed down with his magic bounce...didn't work. Thank goodness his didn't like it...after three weeks our babies are just too heavy for me to bounce that way.


Andrew's Baptism

This was a big year for Andrew. In our church kids can choose to be baptized when they turn eight. We were so happy that Andrew made this important choice. We were so happy that both sets of Grandparents, Hava, Brigg and Luke, and the Shakespear family could be here to celebrate Andrew's special day.

Let me just point out how swollen my hand, face and ankles are...little did I know that our little Thomas would join us just a week later. Thank goodness, I think I would have exploded if I had to go any longer. 

Andrew and his good friend Brightly. Both baptized on the same day.


Andrew's Birthday Party

Andrew loves the show wipe out so for his birthday Zac put together a whole obstacle course in the back yard. It was amazing. First they slid down the water slide. At the bottom of the water slide they had to put on wet clothes. From there they had to run around the swing set and climb up the climbing wall, slide down the slide and into the kiddy pool, take off the wet clothes then run over and slide down the kiddy slide and then army crawl through the army low crawl and kid wash that Zac built - all through this they are being sprayed by water cannons by Grandpa Pickle and Uncle Brigg. After the army crawl they had to throw one of the sponge bombs through a target and hit a ball off the tee with a water noodle and last but not least they had to carry a small cup with a hole in the bottom filled with water on their heads back across the yard to fill up a container. They had a blast....the kids and the adults. Totally worth the huge mud pit that was left after they took away the water slide.


The Guadalupee River

So officially it is called the Guadalupe River but somehow Andrew got it in his head that it was the Guadalupee River so in our house that is what we call it...more fun that way anyway. Seeing as it is so hot here in July we can do about two things outside. Go to the pool or go to the river. The river was pretty fun for the kids because it was so shallow and had a ton of rocks. Jackson and Luke were in heaven. We just had to be careful not to be in the way of their throwing path. Can't wait to go back again.


Andrew's New Suit

Andrew has been begging for a black suit for a few years now. I promised him when he turned 8 he could have one. We had so much fun going shopping together....he really did know exactly what he wanted. Doesn't he look hansom? It is funny...even though it is like a million degrees outside he insisted on wearing it to church every Sunday. What a guy!