Phipps Conservatory

Last Saturday we took advantage of a great deal we got with Groupon and went to the Phipps Conservatory. It was a bit cooler out but when we walked in the weather was perfect. I wish we would have come here when it was freezing outside. I loved seeing all the beautiful orchids and I loved the fruit house. The lemons were in blume and the smell was devine. The kids loved running around finding all the plants on a BINGO game they provided for the kids. Jackson just loved running and running. I only wish we would have discovered this Pittsburgh gem a bit sooner...

We had these Banyon trees in Hawaii. Only in Hawaii they were so big that the kids would be able to run through the trunk and play hide and seek. This one was in the tiny tree room...

The kids even got to pot their own plant to bring home.

This was by far Jackson's favorite place. He ran back and forth over this bridge.


Bubble fun

Yay for spring! The kids have been so happy with the weather lately. For St. Patricks day we spent the afternoon outside blowing bubbles. I so enjoyed the sun on my face and the kids enjoyed running around and getting out all their pent-up winter energy. Jackson especially enjoyed following Anne and Andrew back and forth as they ran up and down the driveway. Yay for spring...


heart ball

Zac was invited to attend the American Heart Association's Heart Ball here in Pittsburgh. I was excited to have a good reason to go out with Zac. We don't get out together much these days. For the week leading up to the dance I was so sick. I was sick on the day of the dance (this could explain why I look like as pale as a vampire) so it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be to get all dressed up. We did get dressed up though and we had fun. Zac wore his dress blues (doesn't he look amazing?) and I got to buy a new dress (thank you Shabby Apple). The ball itself was more a dinner/auction then a dance. The food was yummy and the auction revealing (who knew there was so much money in Pittsburgh). They starting the dancing around 10:30 when I was so ready to go home - although if I would have been feeling better I would have loved to get my groove on, the band was awesome. Maybe next time. It was so nice to spend a fancy night out with Zac.

luke and grandma

As I said before we had a new nephew join our family in the end of January. We adore Luke. He is so so precious. I love watching my sister as she starts out on her journey. She and Brigg are so sweet with Luke. We had the chance to go up and spend a day with her while my parents were visiting. Zac and Grandpa took the kids to the local indoor water park so they wouldn't be to crazy in a small apartment (no pictures...I wasn't there) and I spent the day holding Luke and talking with my sister and mom. Ummmm....such a good day.
Such a reverent boy already.

Jackson got to spend half the day with Grandma.

cool shades

I just realized today that it has been over a month since I last posted anything here. It's not that life isn't happening...it always happens. We have had a new nephew, grandma and grandpa visited, we had a basketball tournament, our new nephew and my sister stayed with us for a few days, Zac and I went to a big dance (really fun), and Jackson finally said his first word. I pulled up the folder in my pictures for the past month...no pictures. I know I took them they just haven't been downloaded. I did find this picture of Jackson taken on Zac's phone...he must have emailed it to me. Thanks for that Zac. I promise I will be back with more soon...for now enjoy Jackson being COOL.