luke and grandma

As I said before we had a new nephew join our family in the end of January. We adore Luke. He is so so precious. I love watching my sister as she starts out on her journey. She and Brigg are so sweet with Luke. We had the chance to go up and spend a day with her while my parents were visiting. Zac and Grandpa took the kids to the local indoor water park so they wouldn't be to crazy in a small apartment (no pictures...I wasn't there) and I spent the day holding Luke and talking with my sister and mom. Ummmm....such a good day.
Such a reverent boy already.

Jackson got to spend half the day with Grandma.

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Scott & Marcie said...

Darling pictures, Joy. He sure is a beautiful boy, we can hardly wait to hold him. What a fun day to spend with your Mom and Sis:)