This year we had visitors for Thanksgiving. I baked all the pies the day before so all we had to do was the dinner on the day of. It was so much fun. We all cooked and baked together in the kitchen (I love my big kitchen) and Dad Turner washed all the dishes while we dirtied all the dishes. It was the best! I told him he could move in any time...really! I never knew it was so much fun to just cook and not have to clean up after myself. 

Grandma helped the kids make her famous oatmeal rolls. They were so yummy.

Zac doing his magic with the mashed potatoes.

Anne showing off our uncooked pumpkin pastie.

The pies were heavenly and the pumpkin pasties delish. We will be making more in the future.

Because Zac was leaving the next day we decided to set up our tree a day early. I love that all the lights were done for me. SO NICE. It was a perfect day.


Mission San Jose

The week before Thanksgiving we had Zac's parents for a visit. The kids had the whole week off of school and so did Zac. We decided to finally see a bit of San Antonio. First stop...Mission San Jose. It was really very cool. Kind of puts the Alamo to shame...sorry Alamo. Anne had just been there on a field trip a few weeks before so we had our own personal guide which was nice because there wasn't a whole lot of information around the place and Anne really loved telling us all about everything.


Art Fair

The kids had a art show at school. I know I am their parent but I think my kid's art was awesome. Andrew told me this is just his first art show. I can't wait till the next one!


Anne was a peacock. I had a ton of fun putting together her costume. It was a combo of a old ballet costume, store bought wings and a bit of homemade magic. Doesn't she look fabulous?

Jackson was a cowboy...I was amazed he kept the hat on for so long. He only did because Andrew was also wearing a hat and Jackson will do anything that Andrew also does. Scary, I know. 

The cowboy idea was Andrew's. He was the same thing a few years ago but he has always loved this costume. Sorry I put so many pictures of Andrew. He just has so many faces that I love.

We went trick-or-treating with some friends. Good times. Jackson loved that if he said trick-or-treat and smiled people gave him candy. He didn't make it very far though. He and I came back after a block and I handed out candy while he sat next to me and ate candy.


Carving Pumpkins 2011

Because it is so warm here we didn't carve our pumpkins until Halloween Day. I was happy that we could once again do it outside. I did enjoy doing that in Hawaii. Jackson was really funny. He wouldn't touch any of the insides of the pumpkin and when he accidentally got some on his fingers he wouldn't stop freaking out until we wiped it off his hands. He is funny like that. Anne and Andrew pretty much carved their own pumpkins this year. They really liked touching the insides...they are also funny like that.