Mexico - Chichen Itza

My favorite day was our tour to Chichen Itza. I so wished I had a recorder with me to that I could have remembered everything we learned. I do know that I have a new appreciation for the Mayan people. The things they accomplished so long ago were amazing.

One of the ball fields. The biggest one was currently under renovation so we weren't able to see inside. 

Their observatory. Looks a lot like ours now doesn't it? They were really on to something way back then.

We even ran into a BYU fan while at Chichen Itza. 

Everywhere we walked we had to walk through a gauntlet like this. I got really good at saying no thank you in Spanish.

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Scott & Marcie said...

Beautiful ruins. I'm glad they're still standing. I also love your title to this post, I'm sure it will give Dad a smile:)