Anne was a peacock. I had a ton of fun putting together her costume. It was a combo of a old ballet costume, store bought wings and a bit of homemade magic. Doesn't she look fabulous?

Jackson was a cowboy...I was amazed he kept the hat on for so long. He only did because Andrew was also wearing a hat and Jackson will do anything that Andrew also does. Scary, I know. 

The cowboy idea was Andrew's. He was the same thing a few years ago but he has always loved this costume. Sorry I put so many pictures of Andrew. He just has so many faces that I love.

We went trick-or-treating with some friends. Good times. Jackson loved that if he said trick-or-treat and smiled people gave him candy. He didn't make it very far though. He and I came back after a block and I handed out candy while he sat next to me and ate candy.


jen bryner said...

LOVE the look from the back of her costume!!! a peacock is a great idea! might have to steal it one day. but imitation is the best form of flattery, right?? adorable kiddos, as usual :)

Havalah said...

i LOVE IT! they are all so awesomely cute! Anne's costume turned out great. And luke and jackson definitely have the same smile

Anjuli said...

Love all the Costumes!!!! I also really love all Andrew's Faces!!!!

Scott & Marcie said...

Yes, Anne - Fabulous! You look just like the peacocks at the zoo, only with a much prettier face! Your cowboys were too cute. Where do you find all the matching clothes? Loved the hats:)