This year we had visitors for Thanksgiving. I baked all the pies the day before so all we had to do was the dinner on the day of. It was so much fun. We all cooked and baked together in the kitchen (I love my big kitchen) and Dad Turner washed all the dishes while we dirtied all the dishes. It was the best! I told him he could move in any time...really! I never knew it was so much fun to just cook and not have to clean up after myself. 

Grandma helped the kids make her famous oatmeal rolls. They were so yummy.

Zac doing his magic with the mashed potatoes.

Anne showing off our uncooked pumpkin pastie.

The pies were heavenly and the pumpkin pasties delish. We will be making more in the future.

Because Zac was leaving the next day we decided to set up our tree a day early. I love that all the lights were done for me. SO NICE. It was a perfect day.


Scott & Marcie said...

Thank you, thank you for a wonderful time. LOVED all the yummy food, but most of all the family:)

Sara said...

Thanksgiving just isn't the same without family. I would love to know how to make those pumpkin pastries. Everything looked delicious! How are you doing? Call me when you get a chance.

BBB said...

Looks like SO MUCH fun and delish. I like all your white serving pieces!