Mexico - XPLOR

I had one goal while in Mexico. I really wanted to do a zip line. It was on my bucket list. So Zac found this place. XPLOR. It was awesome! We did 2.5 miles of zip lines, swam in underground rivers, drove really fast through caves and the jungle, and paddled in canoes through underground rivers. So glad I let Zac talk me into this instead of laying on the beach. (Sorry for the really blurry pictures, they were taken with a waterproof disposable camera. There was no way I was taking my nice camera that high in the air.)

Zac is smiling because of how fast I ran across this bridge. I regularly have nightmares about bridges like this and they totally freak me out. He thought my fear was hilarious so he was rocking the bridge back and forth...thus my running.

On our way out for a wild ride. Zac was actually going so fast that he was stopped by some teenager working there then given a lecture about driving too fast. It was kind of funny.

This is the view when we swam out of the underground river. I have never been so happy to see the sky. I really didn't like swimming underground all that much. The water was freezing and it was a bit dark...I hate that. Plus there were bats flying around in the caves. Kind of freaky. But kind of cool.

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Scott & Marcie said...

So glad you finally posted your trip. We've never done anything like the things you two did- very brave!! Looks like you were having a great time. Great pictures even with your crummy water camera.