the force is strong with this one

The light saber has been Jackson's favorite toy lately. The other day Andrew and Zac were dueling and Jackson started fussing until he too was given his own weapon. He sat there and played with it for a good 1/2 hour. Lately I have also had a hard time changing his diaper. He is constantly trying to roll over...it is really annoying. BUT...if he has a light saber in hand he it perfectly happy to let me clean him up. Must be the force.


oh dear

It's funny how each of my kids are different and yet they have all done the same things when it comes to getting into mischief. I have this memory of trying to watch a movie with Zac when Anne was little and her turning on and off the TV. The same with Andrew although not as much since we had Anne to play police man. Well enter child #3. His new favorite thing to do is reprogram the TV. It drives the kids crazy but makes me laugh. Finally...payback. Now that the kids are in school all day he goes crazy. There is nobody here to stop him. (Yes, our TV is old old old...someday we will join this century and get a new one)