Pirates Game

We decided that one more Pirates game was in order before we officially said goodbye to summer. We were lucky enough to go to a day game and get more free hats. This one yellow with a P for Pirates. Lucky for us that this week Andrew's favorite color is yellow. My favorite part is walking across the bridge. I loved that the kids were holding hands.

What a beautiful day for a baseball game, right? Of course we had to get our favorite cheap seats with the beautiful view of the river and the city.


getting there

Not the best of pictures because Zac took it with his iphone but it works. I am not a big fan of having my picture taken while pregnant...they are never flattering. But this is me at 36 weeks. The doctor has agreed to induce me on the 10th. I am excited - a week early. This is good news because the last few days my feet have turned into juicy sausages...just be glad I didn't put a picture of those...and my ankles have disappeared. If anyone has seen them let me know where I left them. I miss them.

DaLuca's date

Joy found a famous Pittsburgh restaurant on a TV show, Man vs Food. We had to try it out, so we went Friday for lunch. It's in the Strip District, and I guess on Saturday mornings there's quite a line to get in.

One of their most famous dishes, the hot cake sundae-2 large pancakes topped with a filling (here Granny Smith apple pie filling), vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry. It's more like dessert than breakfast--it was tasty. (Joy wasn't able to finish hers - good thing I was there to "help" out)
The server, when Joy ordered this, said "Aren't you going to get your meat?" She then had to get a side of bacon . . . classic Pittsburgh.

I ordered a large (it wouldn't fit on the plate) omlette, full of ham, sausage, vegetables, peppers, and topped with 3 cheeses and tomatoes. The home fries were good, too.



I love apples. I love what can be made out of apples. The pies (we had the best homemade apple pie this past weekend - thanks Shelly!) the crisps, and the quick snacks that apples make. As you remember last year we went to Simmons Farm for our picking and came away with 2 bushels of Golden Delicious. Being 8 months pregnant I couldn't wait till mid October for those to come in season so we decided on Gala for this year. We had intended to do our annual apple picking this coming Saturday but they said they wouldn't have our favorite Gala apples then so Zac and I dropped the kids off at school this morning then had a mini date picking two bushels of Gala apples. They are so yummy and the perfect size for the kid's lunches. Oh ya...picking apples 8 months pregnant is a bit awkward but still fun. Can't wait to go back with the kids for peaches and maybe some more apples. What is your favorite way to eat tons of apples?


Andrew - Kindergarten

After waiting for 7 whole days Andrew finally got to start Kindergarten today. He woke up early this morning and was all dressed and ready with his lunchbox (minus the lunch - I hadn't made it yet) in his backpack before everyone was even up. He told me last night that he was a little nervous but today he said he wasn't at all. I hope he is having so much fun. I miss him.

While waiting in line with his class I noticed that he even had his arms folded. I guess we did ok as parents.


lake erie...again

Last week before school started the kids and I took one last "summer" trip up to Erie for the day. I knew that with school starting we wouldn't be able to bask in the sun for much longer so we picked up Hava and headed right over to our favorite Lake Erie. The kids swam, played in the sun and then swam some more. I know it will shock you all but I even took a bit of a swim, just to cool off though. It was a perfect end to a wonderful summer. We are already planning on coming back to Lake Erie next summer...after all we will need to get our newest member of the family used to the sun, water, and sand.

These are typical pictures of my Andrew. He sees the camera come out and he has to make faces. Here are just a few.


Anne - 2nd grade

Anne is off to 2nd grade. I can't believe the summer is gone already. So sad. We were walking up to the school the other night for Back to School Night and as we walked up the stairs to the play ground Anne said, "Home Sweet Home!" The girl does love school. She is so excited to have her very own desk this year (last year she shared a table with four other kids). She didn't even look back when she walked into the school. I will miss her.

Andrew said, "Come on Anne let's race." She said, "No, mom needs to take pictures of me walking." I so love that she helps me out that way. Andrew will be starting Kindergarten next week. Just he and I for one more week.