I love apples. I love what can be made out of apples. The pies (we had the best homemade apple pie this past weekend - thanks Shelly!) the crisps, and the quick snacks that apples make. As you remember last year we went to Simmons Farm for our picking and came away with 2 bushels of Golden Delicious. Being 8 months pregnant I couldn't wait till mid October for those to come in season so we decided on Gala for this year. We had intended to do our annual apple picking this coming Saturday but they said they wouldn't have our favorite Gala apples then so Zac and I dropped the kids off at school this morning then had a mini date picking two bushels of Gala apples. They are so yummy and the perfect size for the kid's lunches. Oh ya...picking apples 8 months pregnant is a bit awkward but still fun. Can't wait to go back with the kids for peaches and maybe some more apples. What is your favorite way to eat tons of apples?


Scott & Marcie said...

Gala's? One at a time with a wedge of cheddar cheese!! Keep them in the basement and they'll last till they're gone!! We got apples at Lattin's last year, and we ate them so fast we had to go back again. Yummmmm!

Megan and Jeremy said...

Gala is my favorite! I am a big crisp fan but you can't really go wrong with apple desserts!

PS I have a Babywise question for you, I'll call you sometime soon :)

Nicole Johansen said...

Joy. We need to talk about this. Seriously! I'm going to call you later.

Harmony said...

One of my favorite ways to eat apples:

Apple Dip

1 pkg. cream cheese
1 cup brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
Heath toffee chips (to taste)

Cream all ingredients together with a hand mixer. Serve with apples slices.

Havalah said...

love love love apple crisp. I'm so excited for the galas. We'll pick some pears for you guys from our tree, I think there pretty good

The Tait Family said...

hey I saw your message on my blog, I'm due nov 12th but i get induced early cuz i have big babies! Have you guys thought of any names? I bet andrew is excited to have a bro to play with. take care