Anne - 2nd grade

Anne is off to 2nd grade. I can't believe the summer is gone already. So sad. We were walking up to the school the other night for Back to School Night and as we walked up the stairs to the play ground Anne said, "Home Sweet Home!" The girl does love school. She is so excited to have her very own desk this year (last year she shared a table with four other kids). She didn't even look back when she walked into the school. I will miss her.

Andrew said, "Come on Anne let's race." She said, "No, mom needs to take pictures of me walking." I so love that she helps me out that way. Andrew will be starting Kindergarten next week. Just he and I for one more week.


Darlin and Pa said...

Wow, I can't believe it! She is grown up. Love your shoes, Anne!!

Sarah Keith said...

She is so big and wonderful! Andrew off to kindergarten and you at home with Jackson!