lake erie...again

Last week before school started the kids and I took one last "summer" trip up to Erie for the day. I knew that with school starting we wouldn't be able to bask in the sun for much longer so we picked up Hava and headed right over to our favorite Lake Erie. The kids swam, played in the sun and then swam some more. I know it will shock you all but I even took a bit of a swim, just to cool off though. It was a perfect end to a wonderful summer. We are already planning on coming back to Lake Erie next summer...after all we will need to get our newest member of the family used to the sun, water, and sand.

These are typical pictures of my Andrew. He sees the camera come out and he has to make faces. Here are just a few.

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Daniel B. said...

The picture of Anne could easily be you about 25 years ago.