playing in the leaves

We Turners have missed the Fall. The other day the kids and I hit the park and found this huge pile of leaves to play in. They love it. I loved watching them love it. I always thought playing in the Fall leaves was the most fun. I now know that watching your own kids play in the Fall leaves is even more fun.


port farm

Howdy all! This last weekend we drove up to Erie, PA to join Hava and Brigg for a trip to the local pumpkin farm. We had a blast. Although it had rained for the entire drive up to Erie, we were lucky to have it stop once we got there. We played in a hay fort, the kids slid down wet slides, threw pumpkins, rode on three wheel bikes, went on a hay ride, jumped into the biggest corn box ever, but funny enough we didn't get pumpkins while there. We all agreed that the pumpkins were sad looking. We picked some up at the local grocery store on the way home...they are huge and awesome looking. (more on them later)
The hay fort. Anne and I are hiding from Zac....do you think he sees us?

These bikes turned out to be a ton of fun.


Andrew is watching Hava and Brigg and wondering what is so funny.

Good shot Anne!

The slides were wet...now they are dry. Thanks for doing that for us Andrew!

The hay ride.

Have you ever seen so much corn in one place? Andrew had us bury him twice.

While Brigg, Zac and Anne went to the corn maze Hava and I hung out here with Andrew. He said it was like the sand in Hawaii. He said "Mom, I miss the sand."


the BIG test

So tomorrow is Zac's BIG test. Tomorrow he takes his Pediatric Boards. The above pictures is how I have seen Zac for the last month every night. Lucky he has been on his research rotation this month and has been able to study all day. He has been so good to still come home and eat with us then it is right up to the computer to do more questions...he is amazing! I don't think I tell him this enough. I am so proud of how hard he works for us and yet still takes the time to be with us. I had fun quizzing him on our way up to Erie to spend the day with Hava and Brigg...more to come on that! Zac sorry that it took us two hours to get through two pages of questions. I asked too many questions about everything. Good luck tomorrow my love, we know you will do wonderful.


Something Wicked Came Our Way...

Andrew and I were most delighted to come home from institute today to find this letter in the mail. Hava and Brigg we are most excited to accept the invitation for this Saturday!


T is for Train

We had the most wonderful time on Saturday. I have been long in posting about it because between Zac and I both we took about 150 pictures and I couldn't decide which ones to add. I know you are all shocked that Zac actually took pictures - he is coming around. Back to the story at hand...Zac was told by a co-worker of the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad that does tours during the fall. Not having experienced the fall for three years we were very excited to see the colors in full force. It was amazing. We road along the Oil River most of the way (Anne was disappointed that the river was water and not oil) and the scenery was beautiful. It was a great way to experience our first fall back on the main land.

There was an open car you could stand in to take in the scenery.

There was one stop where we got off and the kids threw rocks in the river. Of course this was their favorite part of the whole day.

I couldn't resist taking one of Anne in the middle of "having an attitude" I think this is my new favorite.


A is for apple

This last Saturday the kids, Hava and I went to pick apples at Simmons Farm just south of us. We had such a good time and brought home about a bushel of Golden Delicious and Empire Apples. Unfortunately the battery for my camera died after the above picture was taken. This also happened to be the 1st picture. The picture does pretty much sum our trip up though. We picked and ate apples...how is that for fun?

Some of our beautiful apples. Zac says they taste way better then the ones from the store. I told him it was the sweat from when we were picking them. It was hot on Saturday.

Made this pie yesterday with our fresh apples.


pittsburgh zoo

Thursday Andrew and I braved the 50 degree weather and made our first visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo. I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to the experience. In the past visits to the zoo have involved sweating, tired legs, not seeing any animals, and more sweat. This visit was a whole different experience. We saw every animal, we weren't tired from too much walking, and because of the cold weather we didn't sweat at all. I am now convinced that the Pittsburgh Zoo, although small, is my favorite zoo. Andrew and I had a blast seeing all the animals up close. The design of each enclosure is done in such a way that one can see that animals. Yet another winning experience here in Pittsburgh.

We actually got to hear the lion roar! It was amazing. Andrew said it sounded like he was burping.

This one is my favorite. Don't they look like they are hugging?

Ahhh...the family portrait. They must be trying to get it done early this year.

When we entered the penguin enclosure Andrew said, "Mom, I think the penguins are sad." Why, I asked. "Because they can't dance in there." We definitely have watched too much Happy Feet in this house.


happy rosh hashana part 3

Outside the Science Center is the USS Requin, a submarine that was in service during the Cold War. The kids loved it. They thought they put in all the "small" doors just for them. We actually went through twice...

Yes, the fountain in the back ground is pink. They turned the water pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The kids played a whole pretend game of checkers while we were in the galley - pretend because the pieces were glued down. They took every move very seriously.

Can you believe that 80 grown men lived on this submarine at a time?

Close quarters - and these are for the officers.

happy rosh hashanan part 2

Just some good looking kids...