Anne had a wonderful time at school yesturday, and so did I! Yesturday was the Anual Trikeathon. Once a year the kids do chores around the house to earn money to donate to St. Jude Research Hospital. Then they do the required laps on the trikes at the school. It was really wonderful to see how excited Anne was to serve. More the once she asked me "is there anything else I can do to earn money for the sick kids?" I loved hearing that! At school yesturday they then took turns speeding around the small loop in the playyard. It was hot and humid but those kids really flew around for a good cause. Thanks to those who sponsered Anne!

Caught in the pack...

Here she comes on the home stretch!


Noodles and sand

The kids love their water noodles. Especially for Andrew it has really helped him to become confident in the water. We were over at Ko'olina today...loved this picture!
Andrew is growing a sand beard! He thought it was pretty funny...but crunchy!
My sweet Anne. Always ready to pose and smile for my camera.

Daddy comes to preschool!

Anne's preschool had such a treat today! Dr. Turner came for a visit! Anne has one day a week when she can bring anything she wants to share with her class. Today she chose to bring her Dad. He was so great with the kids and let them all listen to their heart beats. One boy said, "I heard my heart bump!"

Ever the brave doctor...letting all the kids look into his ears!

The kids loved this part. He had them all line up then took their blood pressure. He really wanted to help these kids feel comfortable when they visit the doctor. He asked them if any were scared when they went to the doctor and Anne was the only one to raise her hand...I guess we will have to work on that one.


Happy Birthday Anne

This year we had Anne's birthday at Kidsport, this great place on Hickam Air Force Base. The do everything for the party and all we did was just show up and have fun. The great part about this place is that every kids leaves tired and the parents leave happy...

Yes, I had fun too. I took a look at the kids rolling in the wheels and I thought, "I can do that!" Boy was I wrong. As you can see, I only made it half way through the turn before I thought my body was going to brake in half. It was a good laugh for all the other moms there.

Anne and two of her friends William and Maygen.

Anne being silly.

Can you believe there are 5 candles on that cake? I feel like it was just a few days ago that they let me take her home from the hospital. She was so small and lets now forget how loud she was...but we loved her and look how wonderful she has turned out so far. She truly brings such laughter and happiness to our life. Love you Anne!


The Happiest Place on Earth!

Happy even after a long day!

The highlight of Andrew's day - driving his own fire truck in Toon Town.

Grandma Darlin and Grandpa Picklenose came with us to Disneyland...aren't we so glad for grandparents?

Zac and I even got to go on a few rides by ourselves! I think I had most fun walking from one side of the park to the other while holding Zac's hand.

Anne's third time on "It's a Small World" She loved this ride and will sing the song to anyone who will listen...
Anne and Goofy...

Now Andrew is dry...
Now he isn't! The second day we went to California Adventure. The kids found a small slash park and took advantage of the water to cool off - it was 97 that day. Andrew didn't want to leave.

The Turner Couples

Can you believe this is us all? We were sitting around the night before Hava and Brigg were married and I realized this is the last Turner wedding. I love my Turner family and was so happy to have my sister Hava join the group. I have been so lucky to marry into such a wonderful family!

Hava and Brigg's Wedding

The best part about weddings in our family is that the cousins get to see each other. Living so far apart, it has been hard for Anne and Andrew to really know Collin. As you can see here they really do love each other.

I love this picture...Anne was so happy to see Hava when she came out of the temple. I actually had to hold her back for a few minutes so Hava and Brigg could have a few shots by themselves!

Princess Anne...the flowers remind me of my own wedding almost exactly six years ago.

"Everywhere he was goin', he was runin'..."