Daddy comes to preschool!

Anne's preschool had such a treat today! Dr. Turner came for a visit! Anne has one day a week when she can bring anything she wants to share with her class. Today she chose to bring her Dad. He was so great with the kids and let them all listen to their heart beats. One boy said, "I heard my heart bump!"

Ever the brave doctor...letting all the kids look into his ears!

The kids loved this part. He had them all line up then took their blood pressure. He really wanted to help these kids feel comfortable when they visit the doctor. He asked them if any were scared when they went to the doctor and Anne was the only one to raise her hand...I guess we will have to work on that one.


Anjuli Fry said...

Tell Zac he needs to be gentler with his kids!!!J/K
That is awesome that he was able to go in and it was great that you could pics of it!!!

christine said...

How cool to bring dad for show and tell!

Lauren said...

How great! I can't wait for Adam to do his dentist visits in the classroom. I love that Anne wanted to bring her dad to share...so sweet!

maren out my laundry said...

hahaha funny the doctors kid was the only one! How cute, zach looks like quite the professional there!

Megan & Jeremy said...

That is funny Anne was the only one to raise her hand, I'm SURE it doesn't reflect in any way on Zac!! =p Are you guys coming next weekend??