The Fire Station

A friend invited us to visit the fire house and Andrew was in heaven. The fire mand was so good to all the kids and let them crawl all over everyting!
He has been practicing his fire pole skills at the park and finally got to put them to the test on a reall live fire pole! What skills eh?

Andrew said, "Mom look at me! I am sitting on the latter truck!"


New Template!

A few people have asked where I got the new template for our blog. I have to give my sister Anjuli the credit, she found the templates on our cousin Holly's blog. Here is the site:


Andrew's Birthday

Andrew had a great birthday! We gave him a bike which he insisted that he didn't need because he had his little red tricycle but once we finally convinced him that he could go as fast as Anne he was hooked.....it only took him a bit of help and he peddled away.
Like his Uncle Dan, when Andrew is concentrating on something really hard usually his tongue finds it's way out of his mouth.

We have made it a tradition while here in Hawaii to visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation on the kid's birthday to take a ride on the Pineapple Express. Now they call it "express" but I am not so sure if that is quite accurate since it gets up to a whopping eight miles an hour. Of course we also came for the yummy pineapple ice cream...

Love the pineapple!


Andrew's New Sprinkler

What a wonderful birthday present for a boy who loves to be outside and in water! Cousins, Conner and Colin gave this to Andrew for an early Birthday gift, and we finally tried it out today for the first time. Anjuli had been a bit worried at first that it wouldn't fit in our yard but as you can see it is just perfect. Not only was it fun for the kids but it was great for my lawn and flowers...got to love a two-in-one!

Here is Andrew being super intense with the water...

Anjuli, I bet when you bought this you didn't think you were buying a drinking fountain for my backyard!


Getting Wet in Olympia

One of the places we always like to visit when we go home is the fountain downtown Olympia. Last year Andrew was very hesitant. This year he ran right in and soaked himself!

Who is protecting who here?

Warming up on the hot pavement.

Grandma Sweetheart and Anne soaking in the sun.

Visit to Washington - Part 2

A fort on Whidbey Island we visited with the Burton Family.

Andrew and Anne taking a breather from all their running.

Strawberry Picking at Spooners! We had a lot of fun and got really dirty. At first Anne wasn't too hot on the idea because all the mud but soon she found that the rewards far outweighted the mud. She picked about five strawberries then ate about twenty!

Visit to Washington - Part 1

The kids and I finally ended up taking a commercial flight vs. a MAC flight. The kids were so excited to just get on an airplane!
On day one of the Burton family reunion we took a ferry from Port Townsend over to Whidbey Island.
A short stop at a small and "free" navel museum. Ahoy!
Got to love the fam!