all wrapped up

Walked out of the room the other day and came back to this. His new trick is holding onto the blanket as he rolls. This kid cracks me up.


Jackson - 6 months

Jackson is 6 months. Here are his latest stats:
* 17 lbs 2 oz and in the 50 %
* 27 3/4 inches long and in the 90% (This would explain why he barely fits into his 6-9 month clothes already. Looks like we have a long one folks)
* Rolling around like crazy and already trying to "scooch" to things.
* Loves swinging on our front porch swing and listening to the birds
* Sporting two bottom teeth - they both popped through on his six month birthday (You can view them in all their glory in the lower picture.
* Sleeps through the night WITHOUT being wrapped up!!! Yay mom for surviving that weening.
* Still the happiest of babies.
* Loves loves loves his older brother.
* Favorite toy is a fruit snacks wrapper...cheap and fun folks.


last day of spring break

Counting on the weather to be in the 80's we decided to spend our last day of Spring Break up in Erie at the beach. It was perfect. Hava brought their tent so Jackson could lay out of the sun and the kids played in the sand. I think they would have gone swimming but since the lake was a iceberg just two weeks ago they only went in up to their ankles.
Jackson loving the feel of sand on his hands and toes.

They just stuck their toes in the water...soooo cold.

After our day at the beach we went to Hava and Brigg's to color Easter eggs. The kids loved it. Probably because Hava let them go crazy with the egg dye.

We ordered some yummy Chinese food and the kids enjoyed trying out chopsticks. They both got very creative.


because of the sun...

Because of the sun we could have a picnic today. (Anne has been wanting to have one for the last month or so)

Because of the sun we can eat yummy strawberries outside and take silly pictures.

Because of the sun we can play more baseball.

Because of the sun this little guy is sporting a new hat.

Because of the sun this guy cooked my favorite chicken.

Because of the sun we got to enjoy this little guy in a onesie and no socks. A first for him.
We love you sun!