last day of spring break

Counting on the weather to be in the 80's we decided to spend our last day of Spring Break up in Erie at the beach. It was perfect. Hava brought their tent so Jackson could lay out of the sun and the kids played in the sand. I think they would have gone swimming but since the lake was a iceberg just two weeks ago they only went in up to their ankles.
Jackson loving the feel of sand on his hands and toes.

They just stuck their toes in the water...soooo cold.

After our day at the beach we went to Hava and Brigg's to color Easter eggs. The kids loved it. Probably because Hava let them go crazy with the egg dye.

We ordered some yummy Chinese food and the kids enjoyed trying out chopsticks. They both got very creative.


Scott & Marcie said...

Looks like a great day! 80 degrees? Wow we won't see that for another 4 months!! Love the chop sticks.

Harmony said...

Every kid ought to have an aunt like Havalah!

BBB said...

Wish we would have been there with you!

Daniel B. said...

Pasty white leg alert!