hill cumorah

The Hill Cumorah was our first stop while in Palmyra over spring break. Let me just say, that is one steep hill! I was always under the impression that the "Hill" Cumorah was a hill. I was just slightly winded when we reached the top. It was totally worth the small hike though. A beautiful view of the surrounding area and what a cool feeling to know that we were where the Prophet Joseph Smith once was. Anne wanted to know exactly where the plates were buried...she looked everywhere. Andrew was just really big on the dirt trail behind the hill...

flowers and grass

We have been having a serious heat wave here the last few days. Now we Turners don't think that 85 degrees is all that hot but when it was 40 degrees two days ago it is quite warm for us. Not that we aren't loving it...the kids had to try out the grass on the island in the middle of our street. Yes, that is a butterfly on Andrew's cheek. Anne got one at our ward's primary activity today so of course Andrew also wanted one. I was just shocked he hadn't asked for a Harry Potter or Anikan scar.

Anne said that lying on the grass reminded her of lying on the sand in Hawaii. She then asked if we could go back to Hawaii for our summer vacation. We said she would have to take Lake Erie instead.

We are also enjoying all the beautiful flowers around our house. I am loving the smells in the air.

I never knew how much I missed the main land until last fall and this spring. There is something about all the colors that just make me grateful for this beautiful earth.


the p.m.

I find myself always writing the funny things that Andrew says. Maybe he is just at that funny age. Well Anne said the funniest thing while we were on our vacation. We had been traveling all day so the kids schedules were a bit off. When we finally got to the hotel room it was about dinner time. This was the conversation I had with Anne.
Me: Wow, look at the time it's just about dinner time!
Anne: What! Is it already in the P.M.'s?! I thought we were still in the A.M.'s!
Zac and I just had to laugh...since when does she call the morning and afternoon that? So funny.

the glove

You all know how much my Buddy loves anything Star Wars. His latest thing is to wear one glove on his right hand just like Anikan (after he got his arm chopped off by Count Duku). Well last night I went in to tuck Andrew in and this is what I found. He is living the story...even in his sleep. I love it!


happy easter

We had a nice quiet Easter this year. We arrived back late Saturday from our trip so Zac and the kids were nice enough to let me have a long Sunday nap. All in all a good Easter Sunday for us!


family history

During our travels in upstate New York this week, we discovered where my sister, Havalah's, ancestors originated from.

niagara falls

This week for spring break (I know, snow, cold, still spring break) we took off to Niagara Falls, Canada. One word-AMAZING. The first two pictures are from our hotel room--if I had my way I would have sat there all day staring at the falls. Thanks Aunt Becky for the good deal.

American Falls, with Bridal Veil Falls next to it. . .photo by Zac. Yes, Zac did touch the camera this vacation, probably because I was too scared on the ferris wheel to open my eyes.

Zac braved the cold night to capture the "Falls at Night." They do a bit of a light show every evening. (just in case you were wondering, it's not natural lighting :)

From a very high (700 something feet), and very windy tower, you get an amazing view of the falls and surrounding area. We saw all the way to Buffalo one way and Toronto the other.

We took a long elevator ride down to a tunnel system under Horseshoe Falls. You can get this amazing view from below.

One of the tunnels was still iced over. There was an incredible rumbling noise, and it felt like a small earthquake underneath the massive falls. Amazing power.